Let’s face it- for the most part, habits make us comfortable, right?  For example, we’re accustomed to driving a particular route daily, wearing certain clothes at events, or eating particular food.  Each of these illustrates that we get used to aspects of our lives.  But what if they don’t work the way we want or expect them to? Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say you choose to text a person and later learn they only text with people they know well.  Or you send an email and end up waiting much longer for a response than you had anticipated.  Or maybe you picked up the phone and were cut off by a very short length of time on voicemail.  The problem is that opting to consistently only communicate in one manner, whether it’s by text, email or phone call, may not be serving you well.  I realize we live in a digital world, however it behooves us to realize we have options and to use them to get enhanced results.

Whether we text, email, call  or meet in-person with people, depends on the other person and our purpose in contacting them.  What we don’t want to do is what’s easiest for us because that may not hold true for others.  A few questions to consider are:

  1. What is the goal of your contact?
  2. Have you asked the other person how he or she prefers to be contacted?
  3. If you’ve tried one route without success, use another option to get a different result.  Therefore, if you’ve been texting or emailing without any progress…it’s time to get on the phone.

Communication only works when it’s easy for people.  Even if you’re accustomed to texting and the thought of speaking on the phone is foreign to you, it’s worthwhile to try this option.  See what results you get!

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