Good news…there’s only one you!  Kind of like your fingerprint, right?  Can’t be duplicated.  When we talk about “there’s only one you” we’re talking about authenticity.  So are you authentic, especially when you communicate?  It’s to your advantage to have this skill because our listeners are attracted to this quality.  Think back to a time when you questioned if an individual was being his or her authentic self.  Once you recall that you know it negatively influenced you because what comes into play is trust.  How can we trust someone who doesn’t seem authentic?  Usually, we can’t.

One of my recent clients is competing for a particular title and needed my guidance when responding to questions.  Feedback she had received was that she wasn’t being authentic when interacting with those interviewing her.  It seemed as though her answers were what she believed she was expected to say vs. what she actually thought.  During our coaching, it was apparent that she had preplanned responses that sounded scripted or rehearsed and therefore lacked that authentic quality.

My approach was that my client was highly distracted, which lead to state of anxiety and nervousness.  That’s what was most noticeable during our coaching.  My instinct was to address the potential sources of distraction and then focus on effective breathing techniques.  As you may realize when we’re distracted or preoccupied we tend to breathe shallowly and deprive ourselves of much needed oxygen.  Once this was clearly demonstrated and the client was provided with tools to implement, guess what happened?  She came across as authentic!

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