Pretend for a moment that you’re an artist.  As with any artist, you have a palette of various colors available and there are multiple options from which to choose.  Most likely it depends on your subject and the desired effect you wish to create.

When we communicate, we’re not that different from an artist. How we use our vocal volume, inflection, rate, articulation, and non-verbal gestures is like the palette to which I referred earlier.  Problem is that many people use the palette they’ve been using and simply don’t vary from that.  The result is that when we communicate we can be boring!

Since no one aspires to bore their listeners, I advise my clients to explore and use different colors in their “communication palette.”  Doing so makes it far more interesting for people listening to us and as one of my very astute clients said “It’s liberating.”  What a great observation and there’s much truth in that statement.  My recommendation is to do an audio recording as you try out the many aspects of your communication palette.  What sounds right?  What do you like?  Trust your reactions and allow yourself to do something different.

Often I encourage clients to “paint a picture” with their words.  This technique requires being selective about your word choice but also delivery is paramount so remember your communication palette.  As a reminder, delivery includes varying your volume, inflection, rate, articulation, and gestures.  While it may feel overwhelming to tackle each of these elements, initially try changing only one or two.  Incorporate other elements when you’re ready to do so.  The key is variation.

Let’s start having colorful communication.  You’re welcome to contact me to discuss this topic or to review techniques in this post.  You may reach me at 518-664-6004 or

Can’t wait to hear from you!