We all know what energy is and we usually know when we do or don’t have energy.  However, what we may not always consider is that effective communication requires energy.  That may surprise you but ask yourself if you have energy when it comes to…

  1.  Listening to what others are conveying
  2.  Taking the perspective of another person
  3.  Practicing what you hope to convey
  4.  Trying to say something succinctly
  5.  Developing a meaningful message
  6.  Checking to ensure what you intended to send is what others believe they receive
  7.  Speaking with your entire body
  8.  Using non-verbal language to effectively amplify what you’re saying
  9.  Maintaining eye-contact with your listener(s)
  10.  Breathing to both project your voice and calm yourself

The list goes on so feel free to add to it, so it’s customized for your situation.  These ten items are a great place to start when it comes to communicating with energy.

Yes, truly good communication requires work. That means being selective about when you initiate or participate.  Not every time is ideal which is why it’s best to factor that in the next time you communicate.  When we’re not selective it can be frustrating or stressful because it contributes to a breakdown in communication.

Remember that communication requires energy.  If you want to discuss this further or need my help you’re welcome to contact me: dale@profitablespeech or 518-664-6604.  Can’t wait to hear from you.