Key Word is Trust

May 18, 2020By Dale KleinJob Success

Whom do you trust?  Important question on many levels, which determines how you’ll respond.  You may trust a family member, a childhood friend, your peers, or an employer.  But the toughest question is do you have self–trust?  When we trust ourselves, it’s quite powerful.  Of course, not everyone has self-trust. In my readings, I came … Read More

Insightful Interviewing

May 4, 2020By Dale KleinPodcasting

You’ve decided to interview a guest on your next podcast.  What’s next?  Well here are a few steps to get you started: Make a list of approximately 5 potential interview guests for your podcast. As you review your list, ask yourself who is most appropriate for your listeners (vs. who knows their subject matter).  Conduct … Read More