You’ve decided to interview a guest on your next podcast.  What’s next?  Well here are a few steps to get you started:

  1. Make a list of approximately 5 potential interview guests for your podcast.
  2. As you review your list, ask yourself who is most appropriate for your listeners (vs. who knows their subject matter).
  3.  Conduct your research, for example: Listen to a prior interview where your guest was featured.     Learn about your guest in terms of accomplishments, areas of expertise, special projects.
  4.  Develop your list of questions to pose to your guest and do your best to stay away from questions     he or she has been repeatedly asked.  If you can, put a unique spin on a common question.
  5. Do your best to sound conversational or natural rather than artificial and scripted.
  6.  Strive to present open-ended questions (e.g. What is your recommendation for_____?).
  7.  Be prepared to ask follow-up questions, depending on how your guest responds.
  8.  Seek clarification from your guest to ensure your listeners get the most value.
  9.  Determine the time frame that makes the most sense for you to conduct your interview.
  10.  Discuss the interview with the guest in advance to establish realistic expectations. Let your guest know that you may interrupt if the guest goes off-topic or is longwinded.
  11.  Arrange a practice session so you and your guest are comfortable with the interview process as well as the technology.
  12.  Craft an interesting opening and closing so the interview holds the attention of your listeners.
  13.  Place any resources or links in your show notes or post them on a pre-established social platform to save time and add value for your listeners.
  14.  Be sure to send your guest a thank-you note for being interviewed on your podcast.