We live in a digital age and now more than ever we tend to interact with others remotely.  For example, that may include: webinars, interviews, networking events, e-learning, or even panel discussions.  That means that it’s vitally important to know how to come across your best.  We don’t always know who’s on the other end so it pays to present well.

Here are a few guidelines to consider:

  1. Do you know where to look when using your webcam?  Many people don’t.  The goal is to look directly into your camera lens, however you want to ensure your camera is at the level of your eyes.  This may mean using a stand or books to elevate your camera to get the best angle.  Alternatively, if your webcam is too high you’ll want to raise your seat.
  2. Do you have the best lighting?  Strive to avoid overhead lighting.  You also want to avoid the blue light emanating from your computer.  Experiment with using the best lighting to warm-up your environment and consider using a couple of desk lights on the side of your computer.
  3. Do you have a distracting background?  You may wish to work from your home or your office.  If so, pay attention to what is visible on camera that may be distracting.  For example, if you have clutter, something personal, or people or pets moving in the background, it takes away from what you’re saying.  Less is more.
  4. Do you have quality audio? Forget about using the built-in microphone on your computer.  A good alternative would be a headset with a microphone or earbuds.  This gives you a far better sound and you don’t have to make a significant investment.

Of course there are more tips but these are a good starting place.  Want to talk further?  You’re welcome to call me at 518-664-6004.