When you think about it…almost everything is a risk.  Meaning there’s some element of chance involved.  For example…

  1. What if I don’t get up when my alarm goes off this morning?
  2.  Can I have that extra serving of dessert?
  3.  Do I want to contend with my job another day?
  4.  How can I come across well in this interview in order to get this promotion?
  5.  Will I be able to pull off this presentation?

The list is probably endless but as stated earlier, we’re always feeling some sense of risk, to a greater or lesser extent.  So the question becomes one of how to avoid feeling this way which brings us to the topic of self-motivation.  

On occasion, we feel super motivated as though we’re on top of the world and we can handle anything.  Unfortunately, for many of us, that’s not always the case and self-motivation is difficult to find.  If that sounds familiar you may want to consider these ideas…

  • Determine what’s important to you, which is your why.
  • Have a specific goal in mind.
  • Write down your goal so it’s easily visible.
  • Visualize reaching your goal.
  • Envision how your life will be different by reaching your goal.
  • Tell a mentor or trusted friend about your goal.
  • Identify a small starting point for your goal.
  • Begin daily work on your starting point for 5 minutes.
  • Consistently work on your goal every day, which may extend beyond 5 minutes.
  • Reach out for any support you feel you need to help you with your goal.

Everything in life can be viewed as a risk.  It’s up to us to take risks and enjoy the rewards that come along with them.  One of those risks is being a public speaker…I’m here to offer you  the support you need and encourage you along the way.