I know what you’re thinking…what a mouthful.  And you’re right!  The term hippopotomonstrosesquippedaliophobia is not only one of the longest words in the dictionary, but it’s also the fear of long words.  Well that seems rather fitting.  The American Psychiatric Association views this term as a social phobia.

Phobias are certainly nothing new; many of us are afraid of something, including public speaking.  Best line of action is to discuss any of your concerns with a trusted therapist or physician who can suggest ways to become aware of your specific triggers and appropriate options for you to address them.  Some of these options may include lifestyle changes, support groups, meditation, replacement word choices, looking at component parts of multi-syllabic words, etc.  Usually, there is a choice you can try and find it makes a positive difference in your life.

In your exploration, if you come to realize you are anxious or uncomfortable about public speaking, you’re always welcome to contact me by phone or email 518-664-6004 or dale@profitablespeech.com.  As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, I’m happy to discuss your specific concerns and develop an action plan to help you feel more confident and sound your best.

Look forward to hearing from you as soon as you’re ready.