If you read my book titled “In 30 Seconds Speak Like You Mean Business” you know that I use the analogy of baking a cake as being similar to speaking. That analogy illustrates that you want to include at least ten important ingredients each and every time you speak.

As a reminder, those ingredients include:
1. Opening in a unique manner
2. Succinctly and clearly stating your message
3. Using head-to-toe communication, so your whole body supports you
4. Considering what is most relevant to your listeners
5. Engaging your audience
6. Pausing periodically
7. Recapping key points
8. Creating activated listeners
9. Varying your delivery
10. Closing with a call to action

Ensuring you include each of these ten ingredients will produce results that are worthy of eating that delicious cake you baked. Want assistance with any of these ingredients? You’re welcome to contact me at dale@profitablespeech.com