It’s often easy to tell ourselves what we hope others believe even though it’s usually untrue.  For example, we may say “Is anyone really paying attention to my voice?”  Perhaps this sounds like you, someone you know, or someone who works for you.  If so, please read on.

Is anyone really paying attention to the:

  1. Quality of my voice
  2. Rate with which I speak
  3. Grammar I use
  4. Ability I demonstrate to interact or engage with my audience
  5. Gestures I use
  6. Words I choose to express myself
  7. Way I meaningfully ensure silence
  8. Structure of my message
  9. Call to action I include
  10. Dress style I present

This partial list represents any type of communication including in-person, conference call, webinars, podcasts, and virtual.   Therefore, when you wonder: Is anyone really paying attention….the answer is Yes.