[photo by Asma of Pixabay]

We’ve all done it when we hear something incorrectly or mishear it.  The actual word to describe that common behavior is mondegreen.  Example would be saying or writing for all intensive purposes when for all intents and purposes is the actual wording.

Another language error is called an eggcorn because we may inadvertently reshape a word or phrase we hear incorrectly and say it in a logical and plausible manner.  An example would be saying or writing doggy dog world when dog eat dog world is the actual wording.

An eggcorn I hear frequently is saying safety deposit box when what is meant is safe-deposit box.  Close I know…however the latter is the correct version.

We may want to explore is having a language professional proofread our work so we become aware of our mistakes and avoid repeating them.  The three examples I provided are easy slip ups to make but it’s important to sound our best at all times.

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