Do you make it easy for others to interact with you?  Whether you realize it or not, it’s critical that you do make it easy for the other person because it reflects well on you.  Here’s what I mean.

  1. Do you share the common context or frame of reference?  For example, you may say “We met last month at the trade show.”  
  2. Do you bring up someone’s name that played a role in your speaking to this person?  For example, you may say “Jane Brown, who works as a CPA at ABC company, provided your name because she thought we may have some areas in common.
  3. Do you connect the dots as necessary?  For example, you may say “The points I’ve mentioned relate back to the goal you shared of where your company would like to be in the coming year.”
  4. Do you pause and let the other person process what you’ve said and give them an opportunity to pose questions before moving on? For example, you may say “Based on what I’ve just said, what reactions do you have?”
  5. Do you know how to respond when the other person says tell me about yourself?  For example, you may say “Thank you for your interest.  From what I’ve learned about you and your company, my experience in X is relevant because_____.”

Remember, that each person/company with whom you interact, has some challenge or goal, as we all do.  Their interest in you is largely based on what value or solution you potentially have to offer. It’s impossible for you to add benefit or value without doing some advance research or asking insightful questions.

If the person (people) with whom you’re conversing has to work hard to understand your message, it’s unlikely that you’ll be pursued. However, by following these five suggestions as listed above, you will certainly make it easy for others.  That gives you a good start.

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