[image by daniel64 of Pixabay]

What do you own?  Maybe your car, your home, your pet, etc.  Probably you can add to this list and personalize it with other items that matter to you.  Good or bad, ownership is power.  Hence the name of this post.

How about your feelings?  While clearly less tangible, you own your feelings/emotions as well.  Some of us are accustomed to blaming others or conditions for how we feel but that’s really a convenience.  It’s what we do purely out of habit.  Problem is that it places our focus outward vs. inward.  The result is that we lose ownership or responsibility for how we feel.  That’s a concern because we’re less likely to change what we don’t own.

What about the fear of public speaking?  Whether this applies to you or someone you know, the more we let this fear consume us, the less ownership we have over it.  This means the fear of public speaking owns us vs. us owning it.  Sure, it takes work to look directly at this fear but once you do, it can be extremely liberating.

In coaching clients for the last two decades, this fear of public speaking is incredibly common.  It helps to at least be cognizant of this feeling even if you haven’t done anything to change it.  When you’re ready to have ownership power, it’s worthwhile to learn essential strategies to address fear of public speaking.

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