[Image by Antonio Jose Cespedes from Pixabay]

Each of us views commitment in a different way.  For example, you may be committed to…

  1. A dress code
  2. Your job
  3. A current project
  4. A specific goal
  5. A person
  6. A way of life
  7. Your education
  8. A healthy diet
  9. Exercise
  10. An outcome

Whatever it is you’ve determined for commitment, at times you may feel…

  • frustrated
  • exhausted
  • exhilarated
  • hopeful
  • desperate
  • challenged
  • focused
  • dejected
  • encouraged
  • unstoppable

The array of emotions you’ll encounter knows no bounds and can change without any advance notice.  Public speaking falls into this as far as requiring commitment. Clearly you’ll have ups and downs along the way.  Regardless of these various feelings it is extremely helpful to have a plan, specific tools, and guidance to which you can adhere.  Each of these is essential for excelling in public speaking.  Why? Because it’s a lifelong commitment.

(By the way, today is my wedding anniversary so I speak from experience when it comes to commitment!)