[Image: ambermb from Pixabay]

Most likely we’ve all had days where we simply want to hide out under the pillows, especially when it comes to public speaking.  That may sound all too familiar. By now we’re aware that fear of public speaking is extremely common and ranks pretty high on the list of what people most fear.

But did you also know that we may suffer from fear of fear, referred to as anxiety sensitivity?  This means that not only do we fear the very act of public speaking but on top of that we are fearful of experiencing the sensation of fear itself.  Reason being that the sense of fear gives us cause for concern about how we’ll perform with the added issue of feeling anxious and its various ramifications.

In my practice, where I coach professionals to sound their best, often I encounter my clients fearing having: a tremulous voice, dry mouth, shaky hands, wobbly knees, etc.  These are all signs of fear and often many of us fear these symptoms and what we believe they say to the audience about us.  We probably anticipate these different sensations and naturally that causes a distraction.

What I tell my clients is that their focus is inward vs. outward.  This means that they’re paying closer attention to themselves vs. their target audience.  Being able to shift the direction of this focus is extremely beneficial and where I usually begin in coaching clients.  It makes a huge difference in their ultimate success.

So ask yourself if you have a fear of fear.  It may be more obvious in other tasks you perform but that makes it easier to see it applying to public speaking.  You’re always welcome to reach out and let me know if I may help you remove your fear of fear.

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