[Image by Pavlofox at Pixabay]

When it comes to conducting an interview, what matters most is finding the right fit.  It’s somewhat like having a well-oiled machine with all the parts in place.  Quite a task, you may think.

Having conducted numerous interviews, I understand this challenge.  In the virtual world in which we now find ourselves working and living, finding that right fit is perhaps more important than ever before.  One approach to effectively tackle this issue is what is often referred to as behavioral or practical task interviewing.  Here are three guidelines to consider:

  1. Review existing job descriptions and ensure they’re updated.  Once that’s done, carefully look them over relative to key skills you (or your company) desire.
  2. Talk to an employee currently doing this job to determine what specific skills they deem important.
  3. Determine at least three key practical questions you can ask a prospective employee to see them in action vs. only talking about what they did.

Examples may include:

  • Technical: hand the applicant a sample piece of code and ask them to perform a particular task.
  • Financial: hand the applicant some data and ask them to incorporate it in a spreadsheet.
  • Sales: hand the applicant background information on a hypothetical client and ask them to create a brief presentation to showcase a new company product or service.
  • Marketing: hand the applicant some current trends as well as goals and ask them to develop a written sample to make an effective pitch.

You get the idea.  Make it real so you have an opportunity to see the candidate in action.  This will give you a far better idea if you’re finding the right fit.

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