Many of us will celebrate Thanksgiving this week.  It’s often a time to acknowledge gratitude or thankfulness and helps us feel generally pretty good. We’re glad for this holiday and the spirit it brings us.

However what if we’re thankful for the wrong reason?  For example you may have thought:

*I’m so thankful… I wasn’t asked to share my opinion at the staff meeting.

*I’m so thankful… I can delegate my staff instead of being the one responsible to speak up at events.

*I’m so thankful… I wasn’t selected to be on the panel of experts.

*I’m so thankful…I won’t be the moderator for the topic.

*I’m so thankful… I wasn’t chosen to interview for that internal promotion.

*I’m so thankful… I didn’t meet the qualification criteria for that external job and won’t need to apply.

*I’m so thankful…I wasn’t asked any follow-up questions by the new client.

*I’m so thankful…My boss will not be asking me to be backup speaker at the upcoming presentation.

If any of these sound like something you’ve either thought or verbalized, you may be thankful you’re not speaking in public.  That’s being thankful for the wrong reason.

Think about what you’re missing out on.  Job advancement, career opportunities, respect, and getting your voice heard, to name a few.  Public speaking can only be avoided for so long.  So why not put it on your to do list and engage a speaking coach and get on with your professional life.  You’ll be glad you did!

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