Be the Anchor

December 21, 2020By Dale KleinMeetings|Professionalism, Presentation Skills|Public Speaking

[Image by Markus Baumeler from Pixabay] So often in a face-to-face presentation we don’t feel connected.  That experience may also be encountered virtually.  In fact, when we’re in a virtual world, there is an even higher chance of feeling disjointed, confused, disconnected, or passive.  None of these is optimal for the speaker, facilitator, or guest…so … Read More

Be Bold

December 14, 2020By Dale KleinGoal-Setting, Goal-Setting|Public Speaking, Inspirational

[Image by StockSnap from Pixabay] Are you bold?  When it comes to public speaking, it’s a virtue to be bold.  Why is that, you ask.  Good question and the answer is that it takes bravery to be bold.  Potential questions to ask yourself when it comes to being bold are the following: What attributes make … Read More

Fall Into Place

December 7, 2020By Dale KleinCommunication Style

[Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay] Remember when you played dominoes…maybe as a kid?  One of the reasons we like this game is that all the dominoes usually fall into place. Our professional lives are much like playing dominoes.  When you think about it, the goal is to have everything fall into place.  Whether we … Read More