[Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay]

Remember when you played dominoes…maybe as a kid?  One of the reasons we like this game is that all the dominoes usually fall into place.

Our professional lives are much like playing dominoes.  When you think about it, the goal is to have everything fall into place.  Whether we have staff meetings, interviews, phone calls, webinars, or podcasts, the best case scenario is when the details fall into place.

Even though that makes sense, typically we don’t think or plan ahead because something else takes priority in our lives.  Or we may feel we don’t have sufficient time to do the essential planning. Perhaps we have procrastinated—yet again.

Whatever our reason happens to be, what’s required is doing the necessary background research in order to become familiar with the person or company. You may opt to review websites, trade publications, social media sites, or explore the media.  Once that’s complete, it’s best to identify your intention(s).  This means determining what you’d like to occur as a consequence of your interaction.  Next, I encourage you to make note of approximately five questions you plan to ask in order to assist with your focus.  My advice is to record your questions so they stay top of mind.  You may opt to ask additional questions but at least you have an initial plan vs. floundering.  It’s probably best to have your laptop, tablet, or pen/pad ready for any items you’d like to document for future reference.

With this strategy, there is a strong likelihood that all will fall into place.  When it does you can anticipate results consistent with your intention.  It’s a lot like playing dominoes…but better!