[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay]

Most of us aren’t fond of rules however they do serve a viable purpose which is making us feel safe, secure, and protected. While there are certainly additional benefits, let’s focus on twenty public speaking rules as we close out the year 2020.  These 20 rules include:

  1. Feeling nervous prior to public speaking is your body preparing for a new adventure.
  2. Substitute the word energy (or energetic) for nervous and recognize it’s invaluable to your success as a public speaker.
  3. Public speaking consists of any time your lips are moving and words are being said.
  4. The best public speakers are adept at being active listeners.
  5. The goal of public speaking is not to be perfect but rather to strive to communicate with your audience.
  6. It is extremely common to make error(s) while speaking publicly, which is why it’s essential to not draw attention to your mistakes but to learn how to move on and recover.
  7. Public speaking cannot be avoided. Know that it’s only a matter of time before you’re asked to fill in for the designated speaker who is running late.
  8. Confidence is highly valued and as a speaker you can demonstrate this quality non-verbally as well as verbally.
  9. Remind yourself that there is no such thing as a boring subject, however there are boring speakers.
  10. Know your audience demographics and strive to meet their needs.
  11. Make it your goal to connect with your listeners by being relevant.
  12. Engagement and interaction are invaluable so make them part of how you address others.
  13. Be aware that there are three segments to any presentation (opening, body, closing) and work to effectively deliver each part.
  14. When closing, be sure to have your question/answer period precede your final words.
  15. Visual aids may include using props, demonstrations, handouts, non-verbal language, white boards, or slides.
  16. Test any equipment prior to using it in your public speaking.
  17. Amplification and using the correct microphone is vitally important. It helps to preserve your voice and makes it easier for you listeners to hear you.
  18. Always hydrate in advance of and during your presentation (room temperature water only). Not only will you take better care of your vocal hygiene but you’ll also slow your rate of speech.
  19. Time yourself and each of your segments so you stay within your allotted time frame.
  20. Purposeful practice is critical; seek guidance from a well-trained and experienced speaking coach.

This has certainly been a challenging year and I hope you’re safe and well.  May 2021 not only be a new year but a new and refreshing start for all of us.

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