[Image by Zoltan Matuska from Pixabay]

Unless you’re intentionally trying to lull your listeners into a restful state or possibly put them all to sleep…you may want to wake up your voice. Another term for this is vocal energy and many of us fall short in this aspect of our communication. We may not be cognizant of how we sound to others when we come across as too soft, bored, monotone or blasé.

Whether we’re creating a pre-recorded audio script, conducting a face-to-face presentation, on the phone, or interacting virtually (e.g. webinar, podcast) we need to wake up our voice.  Here’s how:

  1. Conduct vocal warm-up exercises to get your voice prepared for this event. Your vocal cords are muscles that need to be stretched in order to perform optimally.
  2. Check your seated or standing posture so that you avoid slouching. Consider standing periodically.
  3. Breathe diaphragmatically so that you make efficient use of breathing for the necessary demands of speaking. You may want to use shorter sentences.
  4. Gesture with your whole body.  This means that where appropriate you want to show expression with your face, torso, and hands.
  5. Alter your rate of speech.  Slow down and speed up as warranted.
  6. Alter your intonation. You can adjust your pitch level to align with your message.
  7. Alter your vocal volume.  You may want to increase as well as reduce your loudness level.
  8. Practice and record yourself so you hear the impact of each of these elements before the final version.

Each of these pointers requires practice so it’s best to start early and review the results.  That allows you sufficient time to make any needed changes. Variation is essential when waking up your voice, so give that some thought to avoid being on automatic pilot. Certainly not every topic may be of equal interest to you however, your audience is hearing it for the first time. That tells you that they anticipate that you’ll be passionate about your subject.

When you wake up your voice it will be a vital transformation that will ultimately come very naturally.  I guarantee you’ll get stronger results and increased interest which is paramount to your success.

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