[Image by Photo Mix of Pixabay]

Some parts of our life, like toothbrushing, are routine.  We may do it automatically or in a rote fashion because it’s a regular aspect of our life. We get accustomed to brushing our teeth at certain times of the day…I get it.

But what about sounding too routine when it’s not to our advantage. It’s easy to slip into this type of pattern when we do a particular task in the same manner and do it repeatedly.  Here’s one example.  I’ve had a few recent phone interactions with companies where I’m transacting business.  The problem is the individual on the other end of the phone sounds like my call has little if any value.  It strikes me that the person handles calls all day long and subsequently all the calls end up sounding the same or routine to this person. To me, something is missing. The other person sounds disinterested, bored, and lacks a human quality.  I find that to be problematic as though a script is being followed and interjecting a personal aspect is almost taboo.  The result is that I’m not inclined to continue doing business with this company.

To avoid falling into this type of routine, company representatives may want to consider:

  1. Periodically self-recording and listening to the playback so they can assess their phone skills.
  2. Using the caller’s name to personalize the interaction.
  3. Varying inflection or intonation so delivery is not predictable.
  4. Interjecting occasional questions to learn more about what the caller needs or expects.
  5. Adjusting rate of speech to better serve the caller.
  6. Speaking in shorter sentences to convey a message.
  7. Smiling as appropriate to add warmth to the conversation.
  8. Letting the caller express a complete thought before commenting.
  9. Offering solutions that address the particular situation.
  10. Checking with callers to evaluate their level of satisfaction.

This is not meant to be an exhaustive list.  However, it is a good starting point to help us look out for routines and sound our best.  If you’d like to discuss this feel free to call me at 518-664-6004.