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Our words definitely influence others and their perception of us…we may not typically think about that but our word choice is immensely powerful. The reason I say that is I believe we are always selling (ideas, service, product) and because of that our level of confidence is vital.

Whether we’re speaking to a client, prospect, or having a more personal conversation, we must consider not only what our message is but we also must consider our message delivery.  That is where our word usage or word selection comes into play.

As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, I am privileged to hear what my clients plan to say when conducting a presentation, speaking on the telephone, delivering a virtual message, networking, introducing a colleague, or interviewing.  In many instances, their word choice includes weak or vague words such as just, hope, maybe, probably, stuff, thing, or think.  The problem with these words is what they say to others as well as what they say about you.

Let me give you some examples per a post by David Friedman of Telephone Doctor, Customer Service Training.

1. Just: I was just calling to tell you vs. I was calling to tell you…

2. Think: I think this sentence will be stronger vs. This sentence is much stronger…

3. Wondering and Might: I was wondering if you might want to go to dinner vs. Would you like to go to dinner?

My recommendation is that you revisit the language you currently use when emailing or writing hard copy as well as when speaking. When you do that, you will start easily recognizing your weak word choice. Begin by replacing weak words with strong words.  Try saying a sentence out loud so you can hear the difference.  The more you do this, the more readily it will become natural and you will have a new communication habit.

We all have different forms of displaying wisdom and now you have one more when you select wise words.  If you would like to discuss this further, you are welcome to call me at 518-664-6004 or contact me at dale@profitablespeech.com

I am always happy to offer assistance to you and your team.  Now it is up to you.