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We all have something to say but some of us stay silent.  That means our words remain as thoughts in our head and usually don’t get heard by others. When that occurs, effective communication is greatly reduced and the chance for error is dramatically increased.  What can be done about this you may ask…

The seven answers are:

  1. Determine optimal means of connecting: depending on the issue and the person or people involved, you may select an in-person meeting, email, phone call, virtual interaction, text, or some combination of these various approaches.
  2. Encourage dialog: two-way communication is typically better than one-way communication.
  3. Establish time lines: if a subject is time-sensitive, request a response by a specific date and do your best to make that date workable for those parties that are involved.
  4. Ensure follow-up: several possibilities exist as to why you may not receive a response; be sure you take responsibility or ownership, to achieve desired results in a timely manner.
  5. Vary your communication efforts: because of what was stated in number 4, try a new route to what you first attempted (e.g., if you initially emailed, shift to a phone call to see if that works out better).
  6. Prepare for any contact: it’s a good practice to write down your questions, comments, or ideas, in advance to stay focused when contacting others.
  7. Time yourself: have a rough idea of how much time you’ll require to address your items (e.g., approximate how long each item will take and err on the side of being conservative so that if you estimate 3 minutes, plan for 5 minutes just to be safe).

When we speak up, we gain the following:

  • Organize ourselves
  • Move from thoughts to words
  • Lend a voice to what we’re thinking
  • Practice saying what is in our head
  • Influence other people
  • Open up dialog
  • Make connections

Learning how to speak up or being more confident when you speak up will positively serve you and your company in multiple ways.  Yes, when we speak up it’s a public speaking risk…but well worth the potential gains you’ll reap.

Having worked with many clients on how to speak up, I understand the gravity of this matter.  Please let me know how I may assist you when you decide you need to speak up. We’ll get the business results you’re seeking and you’ll be quite pleased with the outcome.

Feel free to reach me by phone (518-664-6004) or email dale@profitablespeech.com  

Can’t wait to hear from you.