[Image by Gustavo Ferreira of Pixabay]

Too often my clients complain that they provide too much information, meaning they’re verbose.  When this occurs in any conversation or interview, it may be perceived as insecurity.  There are two other issues to be addressed.  The first is that as speakers we run the risk of losing our listener’s attention.  The second is that as speakers we may forget the question that was initially posed.

A coaching technique that has worked well for several of my clients is to envision a shape in their mind’s eye.  Let’s say for instance that you select a square or a rectangle. My advice is to initially either write a key phrase/word or even a picture in each of the angles of the shape you’ve selected.  If you choose a square or rectangle, then you’re going to respond with four points and no more than four.  If you opt for a triangle, then you would speak to those three points.  You get the idea.

The purpose of the shape is that it confines your response and helps you focus on strictly those points as opposed to going off on a tangent.  This results in losing the listener’s attention. Of course this requires practice as well as some discipline since you can’t talk about a subject with anything that pops into your head.  It also relies on trust, in that if the listener wants additional information or examples, he or she will ask you to supply them.

See if this works for you as it has for many of my clients.  Using a shape guides you to stay on topic, makes you speak to what is most relevant, and best of all helps you come across in a confident manner.

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