Add Value with your Q&A

November 29, 2021By Dale KleinQuestions

[Image by Jose R. Cabello of Pixabay] As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist for the last two decades, I’ve learned a great deal from the clients with whom I’ve had the privilege of working.   They’re all brilliant professionals within their specific industry and motivated to improve how they sound.  Fortunately, they’ve selected me to … Read More

Remember to thank your clients

November 22, 2021By Dale KleinGratitude

[Image by Ulrike Leone of Pixabay] As we know this week many of us will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  Typically we spend time with family and friends and focus on being grateful. My post this week is to remember to thank your clients.  This is a perfect holiday to do just that and either a … Read More

Networking Digitally

November 15, 2021By Dale KleinNetworking

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] A critical aspect of conducting business has been and always will be networking with other professionals. That may cause you to gasp or possibly break out in a cold sweat…but I certainly hope not. It used to be that as uncomfortable as some of us were when networking in-person, … Read More

Say It With a Headline

November 8, 2021By Dale KleinJob Success|Leadership

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] Most of us are quite drawn to headlines.  Whether it’s a book, whitepaper, blog, or advertisement, what usually catches our eye is noticing the opening headline.  Do you agree? The same concept applies to speaking or the auditory modality (ears).  It pays to try this approach. Therefore, it helps … Read More

Each of us has a story

November 1, 2021By Dale KleinProfessionalism

[Image by Dark Moon of Pixabay] Who doesn’t have a story?  That’s easy because we all have a story.  Often, as speakers we’re asked to submit our bio…or was that an intro?  And yes, there is a difference, so I’ll explain. When you submit your bio: Ideally, it is going to be read by an … Read More