Valentine’s Day: A unique celebration

February 14, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Special Occasions

[Image by Henri Van Ham of Pixabay] How many of you know Arthur Aron, PhD.?  He’s a psychologist who’s done extensive research on what makes relationships endure. (I found his videos and articles quite interesting.) As with many holidays, various countries acknowledge Valentine’s Day differently. According to CNET here are a few of the unique … Read More

Making or Expecting a Phone Call?

February 7, 2022By Dale KleinJob Success, Non-Verbal Language|Professionalism, Preparation, Telephone Etiquette

[Image by Ichigo121212 of Pixabay] Some readers may not think of using the phone since today we have far more advanced technology however…you’ll find phone usage is a great backup tool. In fact, some business professionals may opt for a phone call as their communication preference. Whether you’re making an outgoing call or receiving an … Read More