To vs. With

April 18, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Job Success

[Image by Annalise Art of Pixabay] Is there a difference between talking to vs. talking with? In my opinion, yes, there is a significant difference.  Now you may be scratching your head about this difference and seeking more information.  Too often, we find ourselves in a situation where the other person is speaking to us … Read More

Tried and True Transitions

April 11, 2022By Dale KleinPresentation Skills, Professionalism

[Image by wal 172619 of Pixabay] A crucial aspect of public speaking is the use of transitions.  For many speakers that consists of saying something like “As you can see by this slide…”  When I coach clients to sound their best, I discourage using a transition by referring to a slide.  That isn’t a real transition … Read More

Laughter is the Best Medicine

April 4, 2022By Dale KleinJob Success|Public Speaking

[Image by Pete Linforth of Pixabay] It’s true…laughter is indeed the best medicine.  Did you know that comedian Jerry Seinfeld was born April 29th? In addition to being featured in my blog during the month of April (due to his date of birth), Seinfeld is known for saying “According to most studies, people’s number one … Read More