[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay]

Communication is something we do every single day.  In fact, it’s almost impossible to not communicate.

What we may not realize however is that communication can go in separate directions. According to a Haiilo article from February 2022, here are the four types of business communication.  They are:

  1. Internal Upward: Think of this as communication from a subordinate which is directed to a manager within a company.  As an example, this may include surveys, feedback, forms, and reports.  This information is usually delivered to team leaders or managers from employees.
  2. Internal Downward:  Think of this as communication from a manager which is directed toward a subordinate within a company.  As an example, this may include a letter, memo, or possibly a verbal directive. It’s vital that any leader using internal downward communication strives to be clear and professional.
  3. Internal Lateral: Think of this as communication among employees at a company. As an example, this may include chats, messaging, email, or various communication software solutions.  This form of communication is essential as it encourages productivity and engagement.
  4. External: Think of this as communication with external parties outside a company.  This form of communication occurs with customers, vendors, partners, and prospects.  While it occurs far less frequently than the other three forms of communication, it is nonetheless vital.

As you consider each of these types of communication, ask yourself:

*Which of these types of communication need improvement or development?

*How can you use any of these forms of business communication to strengthen the level of staff productivity and engagement?

*What aspect of customer/client service may be enhanced with increased communication?

When you consider your company culture, much of it is defined by the communication used. Consider your goals for your department and the overall company in order to see where you can gain traction by improving your day-to-day communication.  It’s a valuable starting point.

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