Well Received Email

June 27, 2022By Dale KleinUncategorized

[Image by CrafCraf of Pixabay] Who doesn’t send email? In business, email is used to ask questions, answer questions, follow-up, initiate a topic, plan a meeting, remind someone of a task…and more.  The tough part is knowing if your email reached its desired recipient, if it was the correct medium and most importantly if it … Read More

Your Mental Movie

June 20, 2022By Dale KleinFear|Public Speaking

[Image by Tobias Dahlberg of Pixabay] We’re all somewhat familiar with the fear of public speaking.  Some of us have a rather mild case of stage fright jitters while others have significant anxiety when it comes to speaking to individuals or a group of people.  Either way it’s a topic that most of my clients … Read More

Using Good Grammar

June 13, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Professionalism|Self-promotion, Credibilty, Goal-Setting|Job Success

[Image by PDPics of Pixabay] Recently, one of my clients who is from South Korea was preparing to send a video as part of the request received from the interviewers.  We worked fastidiously on foreign accent reduction, non-verbal language, and a variety of suprasegmental features.  In case you’re unfamiliar with the term suprasegmental, it refers … Read More

What’s Your Answer?

June 6, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style, Interviewing|Job Success|Media|Professionalism, Job Success

[Image by eslfuntaiwan of Pixabay] While assisting my client get ready for his upcoming interview, we discussed his response style.  Of course, there are many options, however I lean towards one in particular.  Here’s what I mean. Let’s say the interviewer says, “What inspired you to pursue our company?”  When answering this or any question, I … Read More