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While assisting my client get ready for his upcoming interview, we discussed his response style.  Of course, there are many options, however I lean towards one in particular.  Here’s what I mean.

Let’s say the interviewer says, “What inspired you to pursue our company?”  When answering this or any question, I recommend you start your response by including the question posed to you.  That means you could say, “There is a great deal about your company that inspired me to pursue this interview.  In particular, I’m drawn to _____.”

Another example would be if the following question is posed.  Let’s say the interviewer says, “Please tell me the word that best describes your management style and why you selected that word.”  Using the model I recommended, you could say, “Management style is key to being a leader.  Therefore, leader is the word that best describes my management style. The reason I selected leader is _____.”

By starting off your answer with the question directed to you, it accomplishes the following:

  1. It helps you stay focused on your response and keeps your thinking laser sharp.
  2. You’re less prone to going off on a tangent.
  3. You now have a structure to use that allows you to effectively frame your message.
  4. You stand a far better chance of being more succinct when answering the question. That means you can more easily get to the point.
  5. Additionally, it makes it much easier for the interviewer to attend to you because you included the actual question in your response. This helps them pay closer attention and will aid in their retention.  Both of these qualities ensure you stand out from other candidates.

Try this out and see if you agree and if it works for you.

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