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We’re all somewhat familiar with the fear of public speaking.  Some of us have a rather mild case of stage fright jitters while others have significant anxiety when it comes to speaking to individuals or a group of people.  Either way it’s a topic that most of my clients ask me about when I’m either coaching them or when I’m conducting a business communication workshop.

Most recently, a client who is a dental hygienist raised the question of “Dale, what do I do to calm my nerves when giving a presentation?”  Since I understand and have significant experience answering this question, I suggested various tools.  Among those tools the one I’ve chosen to write about in my blog is that of visualization.  Have you tried it?

I’ve taught this strategy for years, use it myself, and know that it’s widely practiced by athletes, musicians, and many other professionals…including public speakers.

If you’re either unfamiliar with visualization or perhaps slightly familiar with it, I’ll explain further.  Think of creating a mental movie in your mind’s eye and include the following:

  1. The entire sequence from start to finish.
  2. As much detail as you can possibly include.
  3. Use as many different senses as you can.
  4. Practice seeing this movie multiple times prior to your event.

Visualization is analogous to the feeling of déjà vu.  Seems we’ve done this activity before and that’s exactly what we want our brains to believe.    Yes, it’s an illusion however an extremely valuable one, which is why I highly recommend it to my clients.

Our brain is a well-tuned organ and we most likely use visualization…but for the wrong reasons.  By that I mean that some of us tend to worry or anticipate a poor outcome.  Try using visualization for the right reasons and see yourself performing an act with a positive outcome.  You have nothing to lose and you’re also building a critical skill that will help you attain your goals.

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Can’t wait to speak with you.