[Image by Mohamed Hassan of Pixabay]

Last month I blogged about the importance of employee engagement.  With today being Labor Day in the United States, my focus is on ways to further address this vital aspect of communication.  (Resource is a post by Keith Miller of The Future of Working the Leadership and Career Blog.)

Mr. Miller uses a variety of memorable messages targeted to employees for their immense hard work, dedication, and talent on the job.  While today is an appropriate day to convey these messages, it’s invaluable to send this communication throughout the year.  Here is a sample of what Mr. Miller recommends:

  1. Labor Day is a great opportunity to honor all American workers and show them how appreciated their efforts are. Thank you for your continued outstanding work.
  2. Labor Day is a reminder of the hard work you have done all year long.  It does not go unnoticed. We are tremendously grateful for the rare and highly productive human activity you make happen every workday. The genius of your teamwork is what makes the company what it is.  Thank you.
  3. Always know that each one of you is valued for the unique qualities and skills you bring to the team.  Our accomplishments over this past year and the progress we have made is because we, collectively, have stood side-by-side each other to make them happen. I thank each of you for being “all in.”

As some of you know, as of 1894, Americans have officially been recognizing Labor Day as a nation, when it was signed into federal law.  These sample messages or any others that you convey can be shared at any point in time and the more the better.

In the words of Steve Jobs…“Great things in business are never done by one person; they’re done by a team of people.”