[Image by dference of Pixabay]

No matter what you title may be at the moment, we may also share the title of being a delegator or “sender.” When we delegate, we send and naturally there is also a receiver.  Sounds simple enough and yet the idea of being a delegator is a communication task some of us avoid.  You may have reasons for doing this such as…There isn’t anyone who can do the task as well as I can, It’s faster if I do it myself, Others have too much on their plate to take on another burden.  Perhaps you have your own reasons to avoid delegating, but these are some pretty common excuses.

So, what’s the alternative?  Glad you asked.  Here are some possibilities to consider:

  1. I learned by doing and therefore I can help others do the same.  It’s an opportunity to grow and develop.
  2. Since trust is an important factor, I can demonstrate trust by handing over some tasks to others.
  3. It will be invaluable to select the right person to do a particular task.  That means someone who doesn’t currently do this task, is eager to learn, and who views this positively.
  4. The person to whom I delegate may have a unique way of doing this task that doesn’t necessarily mirror what I do.  I want to ensure I’m receptive to that approach even though it differs from my style.
  5. My instructions need to be extremely clear so therefore I want to dedicate sufficient time to explaining a task which is going to be delegated.
  6. I want to allow for and accept mistakes.  That is a natural step that we must all take.
  7. Once I know how to delegate, not only will the individual potentially grow but I will send a positive message to the entire team.
  8. Succeeding is quite important, so I want to schedule times to regularly check-in and see how the person I selected is progressing.  Together, we can adjust and make necessary modifications.

Being the “sender” or delegator is not an easy step, however there are many benefits in learning this vital communication skill.  Want to discuss this with me?  You can reach me at 518-664-6004 or dale@profitablespeech.com