Ghosts, Goblins, and Spooky Thoughts

October 30, 2022By Dale KleinAmplification, Communication Style, Communication Style|Job Success|Professionalism, Design, Fear

[Image by purwaka seta of Pixaby] Are you haunted by scary thoughts about your public speaking skills? If so, you’re definitely not alone or unusual.  Good news is that there are techniques to manage your fears, so you don’t have blood-curdling experiences.  Here goes: Ghost of Time:  My recommendation is that you know your allotted … Read More

Are You Accessible?

October 24, 2022By Dale KleinAccommodations

[Image by Silvia of Pixabay] Being accessible isn’t a new concept, however it is worthy of your consideration.  Let’s say some people in your virtual or in-person audience are individuals who have visual, hearing, speaking, mobility, physical, or intellectual challenges.  For that matter, members of your audience may have an invisible challenge of which most … Read More

Consider Suggestions

October 16, 2022By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Communication Style

Occasionally we offer a suggestion. It may be to a person, a business, or both.  When that happens it’s a good sign because it typically means we’re thinking about a person or business and coming up with an idea. Naturally, not all suggestions are implemented as they may have already been tried, they’re not feasible … Read More

Sounds of Silence

October 10, 2022By Dale KleinEquipment|Presentation Skills|Public Speaking, Equipment|Professionalism, Meetings|Professionalism, Questions

[Image by Arek Socha of Pixabay] Imagine this happening to you…you’re giving a presentation and when you ask your listeners for questions you get complete silence. Okay, maybe not your worst public speaking fear but clearly this is up there as a concern.  The sounds of silence can occur whether you’re presenting in-person or virtually … Read More