[Image by JackieLou DL of Pixabay]

Some of you read this and thought “I already know how to kiss…” However, I’m not referring to the act but to the acronym which stands for Keep It Short and Simple (KISS).

Sounds easy however if it’s so easy why don’t people use this more in business communication? Now we’re getting to the core issue which comes down to realizing less is more. Too often we believe our message is basic but if that’s the case then why is it that others seem confused or worse yet–disinterested?

Here are my ten tips for using KISS:

  1. KISS principles apply to your verbal and written communication.
  2. Write out your message first to help you spot unnecessary verbiage (seeing it in print helps).
  3. Shorten your sentences; see if you can keep them around 15-20 words.  Take a longer sentence and possibly create two or three shorter sentences.
  4. Strive to avoid acronyms or initializations as these may warrant further explanation.
  5. Eliminate cliches as these tend to be boring due to their predictable nature.
  6. Aim for clarity of your message.
  7. Know to whom you’re speaking so that your message is meaningful.
  8. Use contractions to help you sound more natural.
  9. Include the active voice, which is shorter and more direct, as compared to the passive voice.
  10. Record your message so you hear what others will be hearing and make necessary changes.

KISS is a great communication tool that all businesspeople should practice. Unfortunately, most individuals are not good listeners—knowing how to KISS is beneficial.

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