Change Your Lens

April 24, 2023By Dale KleinFear|Internal Dialogue, Fear|Public Speaking

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] We all view information through our own lens…but sometimes it helps to change your lens. If you’re a public speaker, like me, you may have some of the following thoughts:  This group makes me feel really nervous, I hope my presentation goes over well, I’m not sure I prepared … Read More

Personalize Your Presentation

April 17, 2023By Dale KleinCredibilty, Listening|Questions, Presentation Skills

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist, one of the questions I repeatedly hear from my clients is the following: “Dale, how do I make my presentation more personal?”  That’s an excellent question and one for which I offer these recommendations. Use the organization’s color scheme and company name in … Read More

Clothing Conundrum

April 10, 2023By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette

[Image by Pexels of Pixabay] Of all the issues the public speaker has to deal with…here’s one more.  What should I wear?  It’s a real conundrum. If you’re ever thought about that you’re clearly not alone so let me offer some guidance. My perspective is geared towards females so male speakers may want to follow-up with … Read More