Communicate to Demonstrate Diversity

May 15, 2023By Dale KleinAccommodations, Business Etiquette|Communication Style|Habits|Networking|Special Occasions

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] As you’ve discovered, diversity abounds. Clearly, it’s everywhere but sometimes public speakers overlook the skill of how to communicate to demonstrate diversity.  Let’s revisit this important aspect as I offer several guidelines for consideration.  Research the countries as well as the people attending your speech.  It’s easy to assume … Read More

Are you Inclusive?

May 8, 2023By Dale KleinCommunication Style

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] As a public speaker it’s always about the other person (or people). We know that—but the trick is to be inclusive when we’re conducting our presentation. Sometimes we think we’re doing just that but in fact we’re not. Before I present recommendations for speaking inclusively let’s revisit the value … Read More