Do you know and abide Email Etiquette? (Part One)

October 30, 2023By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Job Success, Business Etiquette|Professionalism, Communication Style|Professionalism, Credibilty, Professionalism

[Image by Craf Craf of Pixabay] Many of you know that my focus is business communication.  However, you may not realize that as part of my attention to business communication, I always address written as well as verbal communication. A large aspect of written communication is sending emails…however, there is clearly a way to improve … Read More

Name Game

October 16, 2023By Dale KleinHabits, Job Success, Listening, Memory

[Image by Public Domain of Pixabay] If you’re reading this post, how often have you said or thought “My memory isn’t good for people’s names.”  If that describes you or perhaps someone you know, you’re like most individuals.  That means that you find it challenging to remember a person’s name and because it happens frequently you … Read More

Debriefing Debunked

October 9, 2023By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Goal-Setting, Communication Style|Habits, Credibilty, Feedback

[Image by Pete Linforth of Pixabay] You’re scheduled for a debrief…now what? A good starting point is understanding exactly what debrief means.  When a debrief occurs it’s a planned way of reviewing a project, event, meeting or activity.  Because a debrief involves public speaking, I recommend preparation so here goes… Establish an agenda of what … Read More

Make a Spectacle of Yourself

October 1, 2023By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Professionalism

[Image from Pixabay] As a professional Corporate & Communication Specialist, years ago I assisted a minister with his public speaking.  Among the various pointers we discussed, I recommended he change his glasses to anti-glare glasses, and it made a huge difference. Fast forward to a few weeks ago, and I assisted another client with her … Read More