Communicating While Wearing a Mask

January 24, 2022By Dale KleinAccommodations

[Image by Alexandra Koch of Pixabay] Now that we’re enduring a pandemic that began two years ago, we’re all accustomed to the necessity of wearing a facial mask to ensure our safety as well as the safety of others. However, many of us find it quite challenging to communicate while wearing a mask.  So, what … Read More

Speaking Lessons Learned from MLK

January 18, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style

[Image by theresa4sixsuit from Pixabay] Yesterday was a profound day in that we honored Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr.  Dr. King is well-known for having led the civil rights movement, but I’d like to focus on his powerful speaking skills. In 2020, Jordan Brueckner of PR Daily stressed these four speaking qualities of Dr. King: … Read More

Proactive Potency

January 3, 2022By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Habits, Credibilty

[Image by Goran Horvat of Pixabay] Sometimes it would be helpful to have a crystal ball so we could anticipate what is going to happen.  Although that sounds great, that option isn’t too realistic.  So, alternatively what can we do? Developing a proactive mindset has significant potency and here’s why: It allows us to have … Read More

What’s New?

December 12, 2021By Dale KleinNetworking, Professionalism

[Image from Pixabay] News comes in so many different forms. What’s your favorite? In the years I’ve been a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist with Profitable Speech, I’ve been fortunate to be interviewed in local trade journals. Some of the headlines that have been used in these articles over the years are: Speaking Out Strategies … Read More

Ready to take off with me?

December 6, 2021By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Job Success|Leadership, Value

[Image of airplane by Erich Westendarp of Pixabay] It’s finally coming up. One week from today (12/13/21) I fly out to San Diego, CA for the RISE Leadership Summit. I’ll be moderating a networking session on Tuesday (12/14/21) and conducting a presentation on active listening on Wednesday (12/15/21).  I’ve included this coupon for courtesy pricing … Read More

Add Value with your Q&A

November 29, 2021By Dale KleinQuestions

[Image by Jose R. Cabello of Pixabay] As a Corporate Communication & Speech Specialist for the last two decades, I’ve learned a great deal from the clients with whom I’ve had the privilege of working.   They’re all brilliant professionals within their specific industry and motivated to improve how they sound.  Fortunately, they’ve selected me to … Read More

Remember to thank your clients

November 22, 2021By Dale KleinGratitude

[Image by Ulrike Leone of Pixabay] As we know this week many of us will celebrate the Thanksgiving holiday.  Typically we spend time with family and friends and focus on being grateful. My post this week is to remember to thank your clients.  This is a perfect holiday to do just that and either a … Read More