May 31, 2021By Dale KleinCommunication Style, Communication Style|Habits, Communication Style|Professionalism, Communication Style|Public Speaking

Every day each of us has options that offer us different opportunities.  For example you have the option of: What to wear (e.g. casual or business-oriented) What to eat (e.g. healthy or a bit unhealthy) What to say (e.g. succinct or longwinded) When we communicate, those same options exist and it’s up to the speaker … Read More

Topsy-Turvy World

May 24, 2021By Dale KleinAccommodations, Business Etiquette|Communication Style

[Image by kthlp from Pixabay] Most of us would agree that living through a pandemic gave us a topsy-turvy world.  Yes, we’re turning the corner thanks to following guidelines and the availability of effective vaccines, however,  this has been a trying time for us in multiple ways.  One of those challenges includes our communication which … Read More

Instructional Instructions

May 17, 2021By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism

[Image by Mohamed Hassan of Pixabay] Sometimes we get instructions for a: Product we purchased Service we’re using Solution we’re implementing Whatever it happens to be, we’re all accustomed to receiving instructions, whether or not we follow them.  In addition to the examples I’ve provided in this post, many of my clients have exercises or … Read More

Look out for routines

May 11, 2021By Dale KleinHabits, Listening, Professionalism

[Image by Photo Mix of Pixabay] Some parts of our life, like toothbrushing, are routine.  We may do it automatically or in a rote fashion because it’s a regular aspect of our life. We get accustomed to brushing our teeth at certain times of the day…I get it. But what about sounding too routine when … Read More

Is Quitting an Option?

May 3, 2021By Dale KleinCredibilty, Distractions

Easy answer is no, quitting isn’t an option. We’ve all been there and certainly there are times when it seem that the best option we have is quitting.  I often hear that from my clients who are trying to improve their public speaking skills. Perhaps they feel some of these sentiments: Despair Unmotivated Lack of … Read More

It’s About Time

April 26, 2021By Dale KleinGoal-Setting, Habits, Time

[Image by Jan Vasek of Pixabay] How many times have you either said or heard “Do you have a sec?” or “This will just take a sec.”  Reality is that nothing takes a “sec” so why bother saying it?  Yet, too often we may inadvertently say this phrase when it’s truly inaccurate.  Time is an … Read More

Some Stress is Healthy

April 19, 2021By Dale KleinFear, Fear|Public Speaking

[Image by Pedro Figueras of Pixabay] We’re all pretty familiar with stress and typically associate it with something negative.  Right so far?  Having stress is quite normal in that it’s a natural part of our life.  However, how we react to that stress and what we do with it is an entirely different subject. As … Read More

Question Responses Require Planning

April 12, 2021By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Public Speaking, Communication Style|Special Occasions, Job Success, Media

They’re a natural part of life…questions, that is.  Questions can come up in any number of places such as websites, conversations, interactions, meetings,  presentations, as well as in-person or online interviews.  And yet, we’re often surprised when we’re asked certain questions or worse yet we may feel ill-prepared. Here are a few ideas to consider … Read More