Coping starts with Flexibility

September 20, 2021By Dale KleinAccommodations

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] Let’s start with what we know–this pandemic has devastated countless lives as well as livelihoods. For my readers, I hope this doesn’t apply to you, but if it does, often the best way to cope is by being flexible and that’s what this post is all about. We can … Read More

Chunk It

September 13, 2021By Dale KleinPreparation, Presentation Skills|Professionalism, Time

[Image by Gerd Altmann of Pixabay] Recently when I was coaching a new client, she expressed significant frustration about practicing her presentation.  What she stated was the amount of time that practice required.  We’ve all been there and while not fun, I believe practice is vitally important when preparing your preparation. How we go about … Read More

Value of Criticism

August 30, 2021By Dale KleinListening, Listening|Professionalism

Most of us dislike receiving criticism.  However, there may be value in criticism that we’re overlooking. In a post I read by Kevin A. Thompson []  he lists the following 5 ways we can receive criticism in a healthy way.  You may wish to consider these five  options as they offer a helpful perspective we don’t … Read More

Prop Pizzazz

August 16, 2021By Dale KleinEquipment|Presentation Skills|Professionalism|Technology

[Image by Thanks for Your Like of Pixabay] Congratulations on being selected as a speaker. What a tremendous opportunity awaits you!  Did you know that the word “prop” comes from the theater and actually means property?  A bit of trivia for you. Now imagine preparing for your upcoming presentation.  Perhaps you’re wondering how to start…have … Read More

How wise are your words?

August 2, 2021By Dale KleinCommunication Style, Communication Style|Professionalism, Habits, Job Success|Professionalism|Public Speaking

[Image by Tumisu of Pixabay] Our words definitely influence others and their perception of us…we may not typically think about that but our word choice is immensely powerful. The reason I say that is I believe we are always selling (ideas, service, product) and because of that our level of confidence is vital. Whether we’re … Read More

Remember to Remember

July 19, 2021By Dale KleinMemory

[Image by Open ClipArt Vectors of Pixabay] We all rely on our memories.  Actually, knowing that fact is critical when we’re speaking to an individual or group of people. While reading posts on communication, I came across an article titled: The 7 Essentials of Business Communication by Lee Hopkins. As I was reading this, the author … Read More