November 9, 2020By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Goal-Setting|Presentation Skills, Communication Style|Professionalism

[Image by Debbie Courson Smith of Pixabay] How many times have you heard a speaker begin by saying…”Today I’m going to talk about…” or “Our agenda for today is…”  When I hear my clients start their remarks this way, I tell them it’s too predictable and that equates to boring.  Does this sound familiar?  Why is predictable boring?  … Read More

Headphones: Are they right for you?

November 2, 2020By Dale KleinAmplification

[Image: Lutz Peter from Pixabay] Did you know there are several benefits to using headphones when you’re a speaker?  We’ve all seen speakers who use them but we may be unaware of the benefits provided by headphones. Here is a list of gains from using headphones or a headset: Ergonomic:  This is probably my favorite … Read More

Fear of Fear

October 26, 2020By Dale KleinFear

[Image: ambermb from Pixabay] Most likely we’ve all had days where we simply want to hide out under the pillows, especially when it comes to public speaking.  That may sound all too familiar. By now we’re aware that fear of public speaking is extremely common and ranks pretty high on the list of what people … Read More

What if…

October 19, 2020By Dale KleinProfessionalism, Professionalism|Public Speaking

[Image by Dirk Wouters of Pixabay] Anything is possible even if the probability isn’t high.  By that I mean, imagine if…  You opt to lead by example  You’re recommended to be a spokesperson  You need to fill in for someone designated to be a speaker  You’re called on to communicate with a prospect  You want … Read More

Picture This

September 28, 2020By Dale KleinInspirational|Motivational

[Image by Uwe Baumann from Pixabay] For those who have hired me as their communication coach, I often say it is our responsibility as a speaker to make it easy for our listener. Multiple ways exist to accomplish this however one that I favor is the use of imagery or visual language. Among the reasons … Read More

What Do You Stand for?

September 21, 2020By Dale KleinProfessionalism, Value

[Image by Quinn Kampshroer from Pixabay] What do you stand for?  Having values helps define what we stand for.  It’s a form of identity or branding.  With the passing of Ruth Bader Ginsburg, this topic became one of top priority to me.  We may not feel we’re an icon but regardless, it helps to know … Read More