Is Your Workplace the Best?

November 14, 2018By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Professionalism, Communication Style, Communication Style|Job Success|Professionalism|Value, Job Success|Professionalism

This is a tough question to answer and yet an annual event referred to as Best Places To Work is conducted to give employees an opportunity to vote on the extent to which their workplace is indeed the best.  But what does that really mean?  This is where it may become tricky. To me, best … Read More

Did You Know?

October 30, 2018By Dale KleinAmplification

Here’s a fact that may surprise you…you can network at your gym or health club.  You’re there anyway so why not! Today while working out at my gym on the treadmill, I turned to the person beside me and struck up a conversation.  This is an individual I’ve seen before but we’ve only exchanged a … Read More

Ready for your 1, 2 punch?

October 8, 2018By Dale KleinProfessionalism, Public Speaking

When I coach clients who are seeking to improve their presentation skills, I often refer to adding their 1, 2 punch! Do you know what I mean? Your 1,2 punch may differ from mine which is exactly what should happen. The main point is that you want to deliver something extra, maybe even unpredictable. By … Read More

And the beat goes on…

October 2, 2018By Dale KleinPreparation, Presentation Skills

On Sunday I attended a fundraiser featuring a band for whom my husband filled in as the bass guitarist (what an immense talent!). As I listened to the band’s diverse musical set, I enjoyed the experience and clearly was not alone as many people were dancing and generally having a great time. This got me … Read More