Plagiarism Hurts Everyone…Especially You!

July 20, 2016By Dale KleinHonesty

  The act of plagiarizing is risky business and hurts everyone…especially you.  It’s best to avoid this behavior at all costs even if it occurs unintentionally.  Think of it this way–it’s analogous to stealing from someone.  Is it really worth exposing yourself or your organization to potential legal ramifications as well as damaging your reputation? … Read More

Honestly…Honesty Is The Best Policy!

March 15, 2012By Dale KleinHonesty

 On last night’s American Idol, Jermaine Jones was kicked off the show because it was reported that he had four warrants out for his arrest, all of which he failed to report to the show’s producers!  They went on to say that his record reflected having given a false name to law enforcement on … Read More