TMI: Stop Over Sharing!

July 4, 2013By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

How often have you had the experience of speaking to someone who tells you far more information than you should know…and you can’t wait to escape?  How about the reverse where you realize you’ve just been the one to divulge inappropriate information and now it’s too late to take it back.  It’s the all-too-common TMI … Read More

Tongue Tied? How to Get Unstuck!

September 6, 2012By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

Do these situations sound at all  familiar?  Maybe you can’t get a conversation started or you can’t think of how to respond to a  question or you can’t keep any momentum going once a conversation is underway. If you’ve had this happen then guess what…you’re totally normal because at some point in time we’ve all … Read More

Uh-Oh; What Do I Say Now?

August 11, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

Communication is purposeful or at least that’s the goal; talking for the pure sake of talking isn’t necessarily communicating.  That’s exactly why when I work with my clients we focus on communication preparation so they can achieve their outcome and get positive results.  This works extremely well when we can anticipate or predict the situation. … Read More

Bleeps, Bloops and Blunders

March 25, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

  Hopefully most of us feel that our embarrassing moments are few and far between. While typically we’d like nothing more than to simply forget about them, for some of us the recollection is all too vivid.  Sound familiar?  If you’ve ever lost any sleep about your embarrassing mistakes, then this video is perfect for you…so … Read More

How To Be Assertive vs. Aggressive

March 21, 2011By Dale KleinInterpersonal Communication

Periodically, most of us find ourselves in a conflict where we feel one of two ways. We either want to confront the other person but don’t know how or we have a tendency to go overboard and don’t want to risk doing it again and being labeled as aggressive. Sound familiar? Click here to watch … Read More