Are you leadership-ready?

September 30, 2019By Dale KleinCommunication Style|Goal-Setting, Credibilty, Job Success|Leadership, Job Success|Leadership|Professionalism

Each of us may have the full potential to become a leader…and that includes you.  But what does it actually take to be leadership-ready?  That question has several possible responses, which you may wish to explore further with your employer. Over the years that I’ve owned Profitable Speech, I’ve had several clients who either were … Read More

Leadership isn’t always the cherry on top

January 26, 2019By Dale KleinGoal-Setting|Job Success|Leadership|Professionalism, Job Success|Leadership, Job Success|Leadership|Presentation Skills|Public Speaking

Some of us aspire to be leaders and some of us are born leaders.  Either way leaders have unique qualities.  Among those qualities is knowing that leadership isn’t always the cherry on top!  This weekend I’ll have the distinct privilege of addressing emerging leaders within a specific industry at their annual winter conference. Here are … Read More

Employee vs. Entrepreneur: Own Your Communication!

July 24, 2014By Dale KleinJob Success|Leadership

Now that I’ve been conducting business communication workshops and coaching professionals since 1994, I often pose the question: Do you consider yourself an employee or a business owner (entrepreneur)?  Often people default to their title as it’s displayed on their business card…and that’s the problem! We’re so much more than our titles, aren’t we?  Why … Read More