Going Up? How to Elevate Your Elevator Pitch

February 23, 2016By Dale KleinJob Success|Networking

How often are you asked “What do you do?” Or consider the flip side which is how often do you hear yourself ask this same question of others? If you’re like most people, you probably answered pretty often.  As simple as these four words sound, when it’s your turn to respond, it may feel daunting! This is … Read More

In 30 Seconds…Speak Like You Mean Business

October 31, 2013By Dale KleinJob Success|Networking

Believe it or not—You Are Your 30-Second Commercial! When asked: What do you do?   Do you…  1. Feel confident? 2. Know when to stop speaking? 3. Believe you’ll be easily remembered? 4. Think others find you interesting? 5. Consistently attract prospects? If you can’t answer yes to all these questions, I have good news. … Read More

Klein awarded “Ellie” for her Elevator Speech!

November 17, 2011By Dale KleinJob Success|Networking

The first annual Ellie Award event was hosted today at The Desmond Hotel & Conference Center in Albany, New York…and of course I registered!  I say of course  for two reasons.  First, one of the most enjoyable services I provide is training business professionals how to craft and deliver a compelling 30-second commercial; second reason … Read More