Is Your Workplace the Best?

November 14, 2018By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Professionalism, Communication Style, Communication Style|Job Success|Professionalism|Value, Job Success|Professionalism

This is a tough question to answer and yet an annual event referred to as Best Places To Work is conducted to give employees an opportunity to vote on the extent to which their workplace is indeed the best.  But what does that really mean?  This is where it may become tricky. To me, best … Read More

We Wear So Many Hats!

August 3, 2015By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism

Many of us link our title to our identity; think about what’s on your business card or what the nameplate says on your desk or on your door.  But is that really accurate? When you reflect about the various roles each of us plays, irrespective of our specific title, you begin to realize how many … Read More

Try Saying These Four Sweet Words

December 22, 2014By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism

The four sweet words I’m referring to are: We’ll make it right.  Don’t you like the sound of that?  I know I do and yet it’s rare to hear that from a business when something hasn’t gone as planned. Recently I hired a carpet cleaning company that I’ve used previously.  Therefore, I didn’t hesitate to give … Read More

Competitor Communication: Yes or No?

September 23, 2014By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism

Mention the word “competitor” or “competition” and many of us think of a race or something similar.  If that’s the case then it becomes a win vs. lose situation, which we’d all agree can turn ugly. Let’s start with a dose of reality: we all have competitors whether or not we think we do. Conventional … Read More

Presence: The Greatest Gift of All

December 1, 2011By Dale KleinJob Success|Professionalism

Holidays have different meanings for each of us depending on our background, culture and personality. Many of us invest time shopping for perfect presents to bestow on others.  But what about you?  My recommendation is that you focus on your presence vs. presents, specifically your professional presence.  Too often we overlook the immense importance of … Read More