Action: Are you camera-ready? {part 2}

September 8, 2016By Dale KleinOn-Camera

If you read last week’s post, I made a promise.  Remember what it was?  I posted 6 guidelines and then committed to share additional guidelines with you this week.  Since I always honor my word…here they are.  But first a brief recap.  Based on my prior blog post, you now know: how to make your … Read More

Does Your Video Mojo Shout Bravo?

May 25, 2014By Dale KleinOn-Camera

Since the inception of 2014, I’ve had three clients seek my communication coaching for video projects ranging from: a published author sharing her book on You Tube to an online marketing company creating instructional tutorials to a not-for-profit promoting a healthcare initiative via an educational video.  Each of these clients recognized that this was an important … Read More