Just Pick Up The Phone

November 11, 2019By Dale KleinBusiness Etiquette|Communication Style, Electronic Communication|Professionalism, Professionalism, Telephone Etiquette

On October 28th of this year, I posted about bad vs. good communication.  Included were real examples from my own experience. Hope you had a moment to read it and felt you could relate.  In today’s blog I’ll share yet another story about miscommunication. Let me start by saying that mistakes happen…I get it.  It’s … Read More

Belief Starts with You

March 1, 2019By Dale KleinListening, Professionalism

Each of us has beliefs; what are yours?  Chances are good that whether you keep your beliefs to yourself or share them with others, you know them well.  However…when it comes to believing in yourself,  you may falter.  We’ve all had those moments depending on our circumstances and our day-to-day experiences. That means it’s pretty … Read More

What will you bring?

December 26, 2018By Dale KleinPresentation Skills, Professionalism

This week I had a productive phone call with another business person.  Our focus was redesigning the format of a standing meeting with the goal of positively influencing the mindset of the meeting participants.  The problem, as I see it, is one of complacency which is why we decided to address : “What will you … Read More

Ready for your 1, 2 punch?

October 8, 2018By Dale KleinProfessionalism, Public Speaking

When I coach clients who are seeking to improve their presentation skills, I often refer to adding their 1, 2 punch! Do you know what I mean? Your 1,2 punch may differ from mine which is exactly what should happen. The main point is that you want to deliver something extra, maybe even unpredictable. By … Read More

Feeling Lucky?

August 20, 2018By Dale KleinProfessionalism, Public Speaking, Value

Whether it’s numerology, a horseshoe or a 4-leaf clover…some of us believe in luck. This week on Ted.com, I heard an interesting speaker, Tina Seelig, a Stamford engineering professor, share the little risks you can take to increase your luck. It struck me that this topic would resonate with many of my readers, like you. … Read More

All We Really Have Is Our Reputation; What’s Yours?

September 12, 2013By Dale KleinProfessionalism

Merriam Webster Dictionary defines reputation as: the common opinion that people have about someone or something. Most of us are aware of the reputations of other people but when’s the last time you stopped to think about what creates your reputation?  Of course we all want to be highly respected and valued but that doesn’t … Read More