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As my readers realize, last week I posted Part 1 of email etiquette.  This week I’m following up with Part 2.

  1. Proofread.  Many people rely on spell checker and while that offers you some guidance, it’s simply not enough. I recommend first printing your email and then reading it aloud. This will help you discern any errors that occurred inadvertently.
  2. Add your email address after you have composed your email message.
  3. Double-check the recipient’s email address.  Most of us have computers that prepopulate for us, and this can be incorrect. The last thing you want is to send an email to the wrong “John” or “Mary.”
  4. Consider if there may be cultural differences and think about that in advance of composing your email. This includes style and time zones.
  5. Use a common font that is simple to read.  This includes size as well as type and color.  Best size is 11- or 12-point font.  Best type is Arial and the use of the color black. Please consider keeping highlighting, boldface, and italics to a minimum, in order to avoid distractions.
  6. Give thought to segmentation of your audience, so not all recipients are receiving communication that may not be relevant to them.
  7. Use an appropriate communication tone when sending your email.  This can be accomplished by reading the email out loud, saying “please” and “thank-you,” as warranted, and by not being overly dramatic by using unnecessary exclamation marks.
  8. You may want to opt to use the phone vs. email, particularly if the topic is time-sensitive, lengthy, or perhaps bad news.
  9. Whenever necessary, use specific timelines vs. saying “When you can” or “If your schedule allows.” This helps with your credibility.
  10. Think about using Google Docs, if appropriate and necessary. The real time feature may be useful.
  11. Determine if the recipients are parties that already know one another.  This will avoid any confusion.

This post (as well as last week’s post) gives you several options for your next email.  It also ensures that your reputation is preserved.  If I may assist you with this or any other business communication topic, I welcome hearing from you. Please call 518-664-6004 or write [email protected]